The Problem:

Governor Walz has placed the following restrictions on bars & restaurants in Minnesota:

Curfew of 11 p.m.

Restricted capacity

Restrictions were put in place despite not having any data to back up the decision

Bars & Restaurants are being held to a different standard than retailers

“The decision to close restaurants and bars between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. was made without citing any data demonstrating that the risk of COVID exposure increases during this time.”

Dan Lieberman

President of American Amusement Arcades and board member of MOMA

About MOMA

MOMA Minnesota Operators of Music and Amusements

Founded in 1967, the Minnesota Operators of Music and Amusements (MOMA) was formed to represent businesses engaged in the coin and currency-activated amusement industry which includes arcades, darts, billiards, jukebox, and more.  MOMA serves on-sale liquor establishments, restaurants, bowling alleys, family entertainment centers, hotels, motels, colleges and universities, resorts, and campground sites. Its member businesses contribute more than $50 million annually to Minnesota’s economy and employ more than 700 people. More information is available at MOMA.







zero reports of covid

There have been zero reports of any COVID-19 cases traced back to patrons playing billiards, darts, arcade games or other devices in bars or restaurants in Minnesota.

The MOMA lawsuit is asking for the following:

  • The elimination of any curfew on bars and restaurants.
  • A temporary restraining order which would lift the curfew immediately until the case is heard.
  • Equal protection currently afforded retailers.
  • A detailed plan with measurable benchmarks which would designate when capacity and curfew restrictions will be relaxed and eventually lifted.
  • Monetary damages.

While retailers have been allowed to continue with business as usual, bars and restaurants and have been unfairly singled out. This misguided decision is crippling our industry.

MOMA estimates a 15 to 20 percent increase in business if they are allowed to operate until normal closing times throughout the state.

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